My Revision Odyssey

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Readers, I am moving into uncharted waters. I have never really thought about my revision process as I am doing now for my MA thesis. I may have thought about the citation style for a couple of weeks and even attended an APA workshop to later discover that I am going to use MLA. Deciding on the citation style earlier on will obviate late-minute revisions with my parenthetical citations. I was able to make this decision after researching the requirements for submissions of the English Journal website in that the editors want 

Embarking on my Journey

“Use the current MLA style for any in-text documentation and for your Works Cited page.” Actually, the “Checklist for Authors Preparing an Article Manuscript” is a gem of a find since it gave me guidelines for submitting my article for publication. Yes, I want to submit my MA thesis for publication. No, I do not want to sit on a proverbial shelf. 

“Use MLA citations…”

After perusing the NCTE website, it dawned on me that the editors will require me to do more revisions and more edits. I have been revising this MA thesis since March 2020 and will need to continue to revise it until 2021! I have revised essays for papers beforehand but not to this extent where I am revising for at least one year. At this point in my educational career, I can empathize with William Zinsser when he asks, “Do you know what it means to revise?” Up to this point, I would have to day, No. I also appreciate E.B. White’s advice when he exhorts, “Find a suitable design and stick to it.” In my journey, I found a “suitable design” and “will stick to it.” If my manuscript is rejected, then I would need to change my design.

I need to improve my writing style.

Based on the English Journal’s Checklist it appears that I have a lot of work to do, so I am going to begin my Herculean task of revising this research proposal.

A Metaphor for my Revision Journey

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