Recharging my Soul: Fall Break 2020

Wednesday, November 3, 2020

Halloween 2020

Readers, I am happy to report that I am relaxed this week! On Friday, October 30, 2020, my students and I took a Halloween 2020 Zoom class picture; then I wished them a wonderful fall break. On Saturday, the 31st, is eerily quiet with no trick-treaters, and on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were chilly and wet, perfect weather for writing, which I did.

I lit my white aspen and juniper, soy candle and made myself a cup of genmachi. I began thinking about Medea’s presentation on being a misfit. I am too a misfit, and in a way, we are all misfits. I researched a couple of TedTalks and stumbled upon this one on the

“Beauty of Being a Misfit” in which Lydia Yuknavitch provides a succinct definition of a misfit. I worked on my Master’s Thesis Journey Slideshow for my presentation November 19. It was informative to learn from the second-term thesis writers; I am glad that they went first so that I can learn from them. 

On Monday, I felt joy that I did not have to conduct six Zoom meetings. Yes, six classes since I was informed that I had to take on an extra class so the teacher was on leave. On Tuesday, Election Day, the sun smiled on me, and I spent the entire afternoon outdoors — away from my laptop and my cell phone — and raked my heart out. It was cathartic. I was finally able to unplug a couple of hours. By sun down, I looked about my five bags of leaves and felt a sense of accomplishment. 

At night, I felt refreshed and continued to work on my Master’s Thesis Journey Slideshow. I am on track to finish by the end of the week so that I can continue working on my Literature Review. This week was a godsend and it reminds me of the human need to unplug and to recharge my soul.

I am going to savor the rest of my break: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I started purchasing stock stuffers for loved ones, picking up a luxury candle for my sister and warm socks for my children. I am craving for a sense of calm normalcy, especially after the turbulence  of the Pandemic Presidential Election 2020. Also, in Edison, our COVID numbers are on the rise: 10, 14, 15, 7, now 24 cases. Will there be a second wave? Will I be ready mentally for the second wave, if there is one?

I am not going to worry, I am going to enjoy this week.

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