What’s New?

(Google images, Dec. 3, 2020)

‘Tis the Season

Great Thanksgiving filled with food, family, and festivities,

So thankful for health, family, stability, love, support,

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales,

Waiting for the Promised Land by Barack,

and a promised vaccine by Pfizer of Moderna

What happened to AstraZeneca, the prodigal pharmaceutical company?

My hometown, also home of Thomas Edison,

now known for the third highest case of COVID in the state,

New cases: 31, 36, 76, 50,

Edison School District fully remote until Jan. 4. 2021,

What about

the world

online grammar checkers?

Nothing much.

This past week I checked WorldCat to see if there has been any new research published on online grammar checkers. Most of the research on online grammar checkers have been positive. I was excited to discover a new online grammar checker called BonPatron. I am always in search of new grammar checkers. So far, I have not found a more user-friendly online grammar checker. Most of the online grammar checkers are cluttered with ads, which is unfortunate. Here is a screenshot of BonPatron.

It has a clean design. However, I realized that BonPatrol helps with French grammar and spelling. So, that is not going to work. What I noticed is that whenever I visit an online grammar checker, a Grammarly ad pops up, which invokes the idea of surveillance-capitalism from our NetNarr class and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

So, I am going to continue revising my Literature Review.

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