In Darkness, There is Light…

Google images. Dec. 9, 2020

Last week’s class was magical, starting with Mary-Kate’s radiant smile while she was holding her baby Kelli/Kelly Rose with beautiful Christmas bow sleeping soundly in her mom’s arms. Then Darline with her radiant smile announcing her engagement to her finance in the laundromat! Cheers to Medea, Meagan, and Patricia for graduating this year! I will miss you three ladies in my classes next year, and I want to thank you being so supportive, so positive, and so encouraging. I love Dr. Zamora’s pearl: “They will not be your classmates anymore, but they will always be your friend.”

Today in class, my students and I were discussing whether we should have snow days. Then, it started snowing around 11 AM. We were in awe, especially since last year, we did not get any snow. We bonded at that moment. Yes, human bonding and human connections are so important during remote learning! It is not using JamBoard, Screencastify, Padlet, Flipgrid, so forth; it is about the special moments that connect individuals.

In my graduate cohort, I am grateful to have such a supportive teacher in Dr. Zamora and to have such genuine peers from different walks of life, whom I may not have ever met. In hindsight, I made the right decision by pursuing my Master’s degree at Kean University. I cannot wait to finish this semester and start my final semester. It has been a long journey, and I am delighted that I now have time to focus on my interests. My children always came first in my life. Their schedules and interests came before my own career. I made decisions in their best interest and delayed pursuing an advanced degree since it would have distracted me from raising my three children. I have seen my mother sacrificing her three children for her career, and I vowed to myself that I would not follow in her footsteps. Now, it is time for me to pursue my dreams.

When Dr. Zamora informed us in the beginning of the year that the Master’s Thesis is more or a Passion Project, I was pleasantly surprised. I was giving the gift of intellectual freedom. As the semester progressed, I was moved by my peers’ passion projects and by how this Master’s Thesis is transformative in the intellectual as well as the emotional sense. It was more than a dead document sitting on a dusty shelf; it was a soul’s repressed memories, tears, fears, and hopes. That is why Dr. Zamora’s class is such a special place that touches the mind as well as the heart.

Dr. Zamora, your class has given confidence in my abilities and courage to pursue my passion. I am excited to embark on the next chapter in my life story where the children are grown, and now I can focus on myself. It is quite liberating, then I think of Fatima and her children. I empathize with Fatima since I see myself in her. A devoted mother trying to raise her brood while trying to write poetry. Writing is such a luxury, especially for a working mother. As I furiously type away, I feel selfish. I should be cleaning the house, washing the clothes, and preparing dinner instead of typing my heart away, poring my feelings onto this blank sheet. This sense of guilt as pervades my thought as I continue to write and to muse on the future.

Recently, I signed up for a LSAT course starting this Friday, and I started studying for my exam. I am planning to take the April exam. I very excited for tomorrow Friday as I await to meet my new teacher and my new classmates, but I know that I will never experience the bonding that I have experienced in this very special graduate school cohort with Patricia, Meagan, Medea, Nives, Dillion, Kevin, and Ryan led by such an inspirational instructor, Dr. Zamora.

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